In 1959, the iconic Blue Cornflower Corning hit the market. Women all over the U.S. scrambled to add a piece to their kitchen cookery dishes. The versatility of freezer to oven to table won the hearts of many a cook. It is no different today. I myself, picked the Blue Cornflower pattern, simply for nostalgia reasons, and the blue goes with my kitchen colors.

I have not been disappointed one bit, and if you happen to come across an old advertisement--believe it. And I might add, it cleans up like a dream. I have produced some messy casseroles and meats, only to soak them in hot water and Dawn overnight or while I'm cleaning up the rest of the dishes. Spotless, every time, without a lot of arm work scrubbing.

And speaking of recipes, for whatever reason, I have become a better cook. Its helped me to organize my kitchen better and produce tasty meal after meal, homemade breads and cakes. Made of Pyroceramic material, following simple rules of using no abrasive methods {no SOS pads} your vintage Corning will not disappoint you. The 2 patterns that I have a good amount of stock are the Blue Cornflower and Spice of Life for sale.

I cannot say enough good things about vintage Corning. I use them daily, have doubles and multiples of certain items. Rest assured, when you pop out a meal in vintage Corning, you'll wonder why you didn't start using it years ago...

-- Mimi

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Blue Cornflower 2 Quart Teakettle with Lid P-57-B

A large half-gallon teakettle with the original pyroceram lid.

In very good used condition.

Cornflower 2½ Qt. Casserole P-2½-B with Lid

A deep casserole dish that works great on the stovetop as well.

In very good used condition.

Cornflower 9 Inch Casserole P-9-B with Lid

This is the most-used casserole dish model in our kitchen. Mimi loves the size. Great for oven omellettes. A shallow 9" casserole dish with cover.

In very good used condition.

Cornflower Bread Loaf Pan P-315-B

A heavy 2 quart Pyroceram loaf pan, 9" x 5" x 3".

No chips or cracks. May have a stain.

Cornflower Brownie Pan P-322

This handsome Brownie Pan is just the right size, 8" x 8" x 2" tall.

In very good used condition.

Cornflower Cutlery Set of 4

Three matching Japan carving and bread knives, Household brand. Also, a similar style meat fork marked Lifetime. All coordinate with the iconic Corningware Cornflower pattern.

In good used condition, some wear and yellowing on handles.

Cornflower Dutch Oven P-34-B With Lid

A big 4 quart Dutch Oven for roasting, or use on top of the stove for soups or sauces.

No chips or cracks. May have utensil marks. Lid may have small manufacturer flaws.

Cornflower Meat Loaf Pan P-4-B with Lid

This is a 1½ quart pan specifically designed for making Meat Loaf.

No chips or cracks, in very good used condition.

Cornflower Menuette P-81-B With Pyrex Lid

Small 1 pt. sauce pan works well on the stove or (without lid) in the microwave. Pyrex P-81-C lid included. 9½" long, 6" wide, 4" tall.

In good used condition. No chips or cracks, has some utiensil in bottom of the dish.

Cornflower Menuette P-82 With Lid

Small 1½ pint sauce pan (P-82 or P-82-B) with a Pyrex 81C lid. 9½" x 6" x 4½" tall.

In good used condition, no chips or cracks.

Cornflower Menuette Skillet With Lid P-83-B

This is the 6½" Skillet of the menuette series.

In very good used condition.

Cornflower Petite P-43-B with Plastic Lid

Small, 2¾ cup squarish dish is perfect for side dishes and leftovers. Comes with plastic cover that's shaped differently from all the other plastic covers in your kitchen, so you know what it goes to. Dish (without cover) is oven and microwave safe. About 7" x 5½" x 3" tall.

Dish is in very good used condition. Cover has moderate wear.

Cornflower Pie Plate P-309

A wonderful Pyroceram pie plate by Corning. 9" across, 1¼" deep.

In very good used condition.

Cornflower Piggy Bank Made in England

This cute pig is sure to win a smile. Produced by Corning Glass Works in the 1980’s, these banks were made available to Corningware employees for purchase. 7" long.

Used, in very good condition.

Cornflower Roaster P-76-B

A huge roasting pan with inside dimensions of 15½" x 9½" x 2¼". For the range and microwave -- if you have a microwave that big!

In very good used condition, no chips or cracks.

Corning Ware Brownie Pan 1975 Country Festival

Corning Ware Brownie Pan, 8" square, 2" deep. Country Fesitival pattern copyright 1975.

Good used condition. Small markings and tiny chip on rim. Please see photos.

Corningware Blue Cornflower 1 Quart Casserole (P-1-B) with Pyrex Lid (P-7-C)

Corningware Blue Cornflower 1 Quart Casserole (P-1-B) with Pyrex Lid (P-7-C). Freezer, oven, stovetop and microwave safe. Made in U.S.A.

Used vintage dish has been deep cleaned and is guaranteed to have no chips or cracks. Close inspection will show signs of wear, tiny permanent stains, and manufacturing flaws.

Country Festival Meat Loaf Pan

Pyrex P-4-B with Lid A-8. 7" x 5½" x 3".

In good used condition. No chips or cracks, minor wear.

Grab It Corning Ware Dish P-150-B With Lid

The 15 oz. Grab It is the perfect size for a personal main dish or a shared side! Use on stovetop or in your microwave or oven. A glass cover is also included, the cover is flat on the top so it's easy to stack.

In good used condition, minor wear, no chips or cracks.

Saucemaker 1 Quart with Lid and Handle

This one-quart Saucemaker is prefect for reductions, broth stock, or simmering sauce on the back burner. Lid is vented to prevent boil-over. It can be used with or without the handle, just twist the end to remove or attach. The handle fits many Corning dishes.

In very good used condition.

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