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Complete Italian Cooking

Fresh pasta, creamy risottos, piquant pizzas, savory cheeses, ripe red tomatoes, olives, capers, pesto, and, of course, wine: Italian cuisine is a true feast for the body and soul. Italians take a joyful approach to food, and the best cooking happens at home. Prepare authentic, delicious meals in your own kitchen. Just looking at the luscious full-page color photos of the different dishes will make your mouth water in anticipation. From light-textured and delicate zucchini soup with parmesan crostini to Sicilian fish stew to a fruity Neapolitan tart with ricotta and almond, every one appears fresh and flavorful. Among the more than 100 recipes featured are favorites such as spaghetti alla carbonara, alle vongole, and Bolognese; penne in a spicy sausage sauce; a hearty rustic chicken cacciatore; polenta with fontina; and peperonata, pizzas, and unusual fare like mountain lamb in wine and mushrooms. Pure, healthy indulgence! This beautiful cookbook is in very good condition.
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