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Lunch Box by Alladin Vintage Red Plaid Safety First

Vintage metal lunch box with retro cartoon Safety First tips on inside lid. Box is 7" x 8" x 4".

Paint worn, especially on the bottom. Areas of surface rust, please see photos. Hinges, clasp, and handle all in good condition.

Maine Fiddle Camp Staff Compilation CD 2006

This is the 12th Annual Staff Compilation CD of the Maine Fiddle Camp in Montville, Me. Showcasing performances of Acadian, Shetland, Ragtime, Waltzes, Jigs, and even more styles.

CD tested and skip-free. CD and inserts are in very good used condition. CD face and plastic case show minor wear.

Mother Bear Carrying Cub Furry Figure

12" long, 7" tall. Once marketed by Wildlife Treasures.

In very good used condition.

Old Spice Shaving Mug With Brush

Shaving mug marked "Old Spice" and "Shulton" on the bottom. On the side, picture captions say, "Ship Recovery - Salem - 1794" and "Ship Grand Turk - Salem - 1786". Holds a 3" cake of shaving soap. Paired with a vintage shaving brush made in Western Germany.

In good used condition with some wear. No chips or cracks.

Panasonic PV-V4022 Omnivision 4 Head VCR Tested

The Panasonic PV-V4022 VCR provides a clean picture and an easy-to-use solution to your VCR needs. The four rotary recording heads ensure a high-quality viewing experience, making this high-fidelity mono VCR a perfect fit with smaller TVs anywhere in your house.

Panasonic offers a number of resources to keep the picture clean and clear. The digital autopicture and digital autotracking features adjust the picture quality to reduce static, shaky pictures, and other onscreen distractions. You also get manual tracking controls on the remote and the front of the unit. The V-lock control adjusts the picture when you are using the freeze-frame mode.

Getting started with the PV-V4022 is simple. The VCR will automatically program all available TV channels into memory, and set the clock the first time you plug it in. The onscreen menu allows you to refine the setup by setting recording preferences and preferred channels. The multilingual menu lets you control the PV-V4022 in your choice of English, French, and Spanish.

The PV-V4022 allows you to review your videotapes in a number of ways. In addition to variable speed fast-forward and reverse options, the index and program-end search functions allow you automatically jump ahead or back to selected points on the tape. A one-touch commercial skip option allows you to quickly jump ahead up to three minutes on the tape.

You'll find a number of automated features on the PV-V4022. Inserting a cassette in the VCR will trigger an autoplay function, and once the end of the tape is reached, the PV-V4022 will rewind and eject the tape for you. An autorecord function lets you tape programs with one-touch, and a timer feature lets you schedule recording in advance.

For households with small children, the VCR lock feature can shut down almost all operations, except for timer recording and tape eject. A universal remote is also included to operate your PV-V4022 VCR as well as your TV.

Front-panel A/V input jacks make it easy to hook up camcorders or other components. The PV-V4022 also features a rear-panel composite-video input.

What's in the Box:

4-head VCR, remote control, 2 AA batteries, RF coaxial cable. No owner's manual.

In good working condition, great picture. Face of the machine is in very good condition, multiple small scratches on top case. Remote control intact and works well, paint on face and back.

Parrot Times Table Game New Boxed Set by Child's Play

Parrot Times Table Game. New Boxed Set by Child's Play.

New, unopened in original wrap.

Pokémon Welch's Jelly Jar Juice Glasses Complete Set of 9

We caught 'em all! Set of all 9 juice glasses that originally held Welch's jelly. Original lids not included.

  • Pikachu
  • Charmander
  • Bulbasaur
  • Meowth
  • Squirtle
  • Poliwhirl
  • Psyduck
  • Clefairy
  • Togepi

In very good used condition. No chips or cracks, bright colors, almost no signs of wear.

Rolling Pin Wall Display

Galvanized steel with wood rods. 4½" between each older, holds up to a 3" rolling pin. Also great for a towel rack. 31" tall, 6½" wide.

In good used condition.

Roly Poly Chime Ball by Fisher Price

Roly Poly Chime Ball by Fisher Price Model #165. Family toy purchased in 1980.

Works well, fully intact, no cracks. Plastic is hazy, yellowed, stained, and has small scratches.

Sign for Olde Mason Jars

Wooden sign with vintage appearance titled Olde Mason Jars. Heavy duty wire hanger. Sign is 25.5" x 5.5".

In good used condition, some small wear beyond the antiqueing finish.

Slots Handheld Electronic Game by MGA Entertainment

Slots Handheld Electronic Game, (c) 2003 by MGA Entertainment. Fun, small game with fresh battery and extra battery.

In very good used condition.

Stained Glass Teapot Lamp

Night light with pink rose design. In good used condition with some wear. Made by Cheyenne.

Includes bulb. 99% lead-free solder binding the glass pieces.

Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Calculator. In good used condition.

The Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS 2-Line Scientific Calculator features two-line display and other advanced features users get with the TI-30X IIS. The display shows the equation you are creating on the top line, and the numbers or symbols you are currently entering on the second line. Once the equation is solved, the results are displayed on the second line, and you can use the four arrow keys on the front of the calculator to edit the original equation in any way you like for a recalculation. Better still, pressing the up arrow repeatedly lets you browse through a cache of dozens of previous calculations, meaning you can look back to see the answer to a problem. The device uses solar power when possible but can fall back on the internal batteries (which are included) if there isn't enough light. There are three angle modes (degrees, radians, and grads), scientific and engineering notation modes, and even one- or two-variable statistical modes. Five variables can also be assigned to their own memory slots. The calculator comes with a Snap-On cover that fits on the back of the device.

Texas Instruments TI-83 Graphing Calculator

This original model Texas Instruments TI-83 calculator is a graphing calculator with a 96x64 monochrome LCD screen. It is powered by four AAA batteries. With the normal font, the calculator has a 16x8 screen. Some of the key features for this scientific and business calculator include an operating system and software that is upgradable by the user and preloaded applications such as StudyCards, EasyData, and more. This Texas Instruments calculator is an ideal calculator for most students at any level of education. The Texas Instruments TI-83 calculator has a Zilog Z80 processor with a 6-MHz frequency, and it supports such programming languages as TI-BASIC and Assembly, making it possible for a programmer to perform some simple programming tasks with the calculator. This Texas Instruments calculator has an easy-to-use interface, which allows the user to easily graph and compare functions as well as perform data plotting and analysis.

In very good used condition, only minor wear. Tested and working. Comes with fresh batteries.

The Wind In the Rigging - CD

Instrument arrangements of traditional and contemporary music of the sea.

Tested and skip-free. The CD is in very good condition. The insert has a written "44" on the spine, otherwise is in very good condition.

Translucent Green Bowl with Creamy Swirl Pattern

Pattern is embedded in the glass. 8½" wide, 4¼" deep.

Not branded. In very good used condition.

Vintage Meat Hook with Trolley Pully

3" diameter pulley. 8" long meat hook.

Good working condition with heavy surface rust.

Wooden Parrot Carving Figurine

A parrot carved from lightweight wood. Vintage, made in Ecuador. 15.5" tall, 4" wide, 4" deep.

In very good used condition, some minor scratches on the base. Hand carved and painted in a rough style.

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