Welcome to Screamin' Mimi's Perfect Pickin's!

Quite by accident, fate -- whatever you'd like to call it -- in 2008 we found ourselves building a much needed garage. Before the siding was even finished, unfortunately my mother-in-law passed away. The contents of a very full house had to go somewhere, so into our new garage is where they landed. And so Screamin' Mimi's was born. My own Dad came to live with us, and being an antique collector/dealer introduced us into his world -- broadening our horizons a little more.

Eventually we became involved with a love for both vintage and U.S.A. made, which is bountiful in our vast array of goodies. We ran Screamin' Mimi's as a regular store in the garage until last year, then decided to move our inventory to this website. Check back often as we will be bringing many more items for you to look at.

Sane Shipping Rates

USPS and Fedex options. We re-check rates and may combine orders before shipping and will offer any significant savings back to you. Handling is our job, we don't charge more for it.

Paypal Purchase Protection

You don't need a Paypal account to start the checkout, and your purchase is covered by Paypal Purchase Buyer Protection. Screamin' Mimi's doesn't see your credit card info.

Orders Processed Fast.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card accepted, so we don't have to wait to ship. Most items are prepackaged. We ship every day possible.

Access to a Large Variety

Because we had stocked a small store, we have a lot of great items. We're listing new items often. Make it a habit to check back every now and then!