Return and Privacy Policy

Screamin' Mimi's Re-opening from Corona-Break in October 2020!
Until then, you may register as a customer and your registration will be pending approval. Thank you for your patience and support.
We want to provide a great experience when shopping with us! We try not to ask much of you, but please:
  • Understand what you're buying. Read the descriptions and look at the pictures.
  • No buyer's remorse. It costs everyone too much time and money to return stuff, so please don't buy it unless you really want it.
  • Get in touch if something's wrong before shipping anything back. We might be able to come up with a solution to the problem without going to extremes. Please give us a chance to help you!
  • Double-check your address. A good address keeps everyone happy.
What we'll do for you:
  • We'll keep your email address and personal details private. We won't share them with anyone other than those who need them to process your order, and we'll do our best to keep them from sharing your info as well.
  • We'll pack your items properly. We've had good results in shipping fragile items and understand the need for padding and support.
  • We'll handle any claims. If you get a damaged package, just let us know before doing anything else with it. We may ask you to send some photos or even return the item on our dime.
  • Because of fees, we have a minimum order of $5.
  • We normally ship only to US addresses. Please contact us first if you need shipping to another country.
  • We pay sales tax for all orders shipped to Maine addresses, at no extra cost to the buyer. Buyers are responsible for taxes for any items shipped outside of Maine.
Thank you for your business! -- Screamin' Mimi