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Chicken Soup Tourrine with Ladle

Chicken Soup Tourrine with Ladle.

Ceramic soup tourrine with matching ladle shaped like a chicken. In very good condition except for a small scuff on the crest of the head, please see photos. Tourrine is 9" wide and 11.5" tall, 4.5 lbs. unpacked. Double-boxed and well padded for protection during shipping.

Mask Hanging Large Plaster Wall Art

Wall art, a mask with no eyeholes and smooth face. Fishing line attached for hanging. Large, 17" wide by 19" tall. Light, about 4 lbs.

This mask is in very good used condition and displays well. Very shiny, white areas in photos are glare from our lights. Some small chips are on the edges and tie-holes are rough.

Phantom of the Opera Mug

For a spooky, ghostly full-sized cup of brew.

In very good used condition.

ScotTissue 75th Anniversary Scott Paper Company 1989 Commemorative Toilet Paper Roll

ScotTissue Toilet Paper Roll. 75th Anniversary, 1914-1989 Commemorative Wrapper. Scott Paper Company, Chester, Pennsylvania.

Not intended for Use! It's over 30 years old and would likely fall apart.

New, unopened old stock. Wrapper has slightly yellowed.

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