Jadeite Yesteryear

In this corner, a subject near and dear to my heart is the beloved Jadeite. Green has always been my favorite color far back as I can remember. This is what my collection is that sits upon my hutch, I call it my "China". I prefer mainly to stock McKee, Jeannette, and Fireking. The earlier pieces of McKee and Jeannette will have the glow (using a black light) but by the time Fireking came along, uranium was no longer allowed. Collectors of these 3 consider them to be the true giants of real Jadeite.

Not everything is marked but in general, many are. An old piece versus a new piece of today is fairly discernible. Once you get to know the feel and look of the glass in your hand, you'll see why. Occasionally I will carry a few pieces of "Clambroth-skokie jadeite or Fenton Mosser U.S.A. made etc.

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