Jadeite Yesteryear

In this corner, a subject near and dear to my heart is the beloved Jadeite. Green has always been my favorite color far back as I can remember. This is what my collection is that sits upon my hutch, I call it my "China". I prefer mainly to stock McKee, Jeannette, and Fireking. The earlier pieces of McKee and Jeannette will have the glow (using a black light) but by the time Fireking came along, uranium was no longer allowed. Collectors of these 3 consider them to be the true giants of real Jadeite.

Not everything is marked but in general, many are. An old piece versus a new piece of today is fairly discernible. Once you get to know the feel and look of the glass in your hand, you'll see why. Occasionally I will carry a few pieces of "Clambroth-skokie jadeite or Fenton Mosser U.S.A. made etc.

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Jadeite Fire King D Handle Coffee Cup

A classic coffee cup in Jadeite oven proof glass.

In good used condition with minor wear, no chips or cracks.

Jane Ray Fire King 9 Inch Jadeite Dinner Plate

Great tableware, or use as a decorative accent.

In good used condition. There are few utensil marks and small manufacturer white spots.

Jane Ray Jadeite Fire King Tea Cup Set

Fire King branded cup and saucer in translucent, oven-proof Jadeite glass. Classic ribbed Jane Ray pattern. Matches with similar vintage Anchor Hocking dishes.

In good used condition, no chips or cracks.

Jane Ray Jadeite Tea Cup Set AH and Fire King

Anchor Hocking branded tea cup and Fire King saucer are both the same material and pattern.

In good used condition, no chips or cracks.

Philbe Loaf Pan With Lid

Ornamental Jadeite Philbe loaf pan with lid.

In very good used condition, no chips or cracks.

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