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Texas Instruments TI-83 Graphing Calculator


This original model Texas Instruments TI-83 calculator is a graphing calculator with a 96x64 monochrome LCD screen. It is powered by four AAA batteries. With the normal font, the calculator has a 16x8 screen. Some of the key features for this scientific and business calculator include an operating system and software that is upgradable by the user and preloaded applications such as StudyCards, EasyData, and more. This Texas Instruments calculator is an ideal calculator for most students at any level of education. The Texas Instruments TI-83 calculator has a Zilog Z80 processor with a 6-MHz frequency, and it supports such programming languages as TI-BASIC and Assembly, making it possible for a programmer to perform some simple programming tasks with the calculator. This Texas Instruments calculator has an easy-to-use interface, which allows the user to easily graph and compare functions as well as perform data plotting and analysis.

In very good used condition, only minor wear. Tested and working. Comes with fresh batteries.

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